How do I signup for IQuit?
What is AHEC?
What will we talk about?
Who will lead the Group?
Do I need to attend all sessions?
What if i do not smoke but I use snuff and chew (smokeless tobacco)?
Do I quit smoking at the first class?
Does it cost money to participate?
Can I bring a friend?
I've tried everything...how can I be sure this will work?
What if I do not quit after attending these classes?
Is quitting expensive?
How will the facilitators know how I am feeling if they have never smoked?
Where can I get information about medicine to help me quit (nicotine replacement therapy)?
Can my spouse come with me to class?
I tried to quit a few times before...how will this be any different?
What if I cannot make all of the classes?
What if I come to the first class and decide it is not for me?
How often are classes offered in my area?
Are there other options to help me quit tobacco?